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Informed Control Keyed Hash Schema

The Informed Control Keyed Hash Schema is used in XML files named "*.hash.xml", which contain a hash of another file. These hashes are used to detect inadvertant modification or damage to a file.

This schema was last updated July 2005.

These files contain either one or two elements, of type Hash.

For a non-keyed hash, the Hash element has no attributes, other than namespace attributes:

For a keyed hash, the Hash element also has the following attributes:

Within a Hash element is a Reference element, with one attribute, URI.

Within the Reference element are two elements: DigestMethod and DigestValue.

The DigestMethod element has one attribute, Algorithm, containing the URL of the digest algorithm. The URL of the SHA-1 algorithm is

The DigestValue element has no attributes, and surrounds the base64 encoding of the digest value.